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 Cookies that we use

We use cookies for the following purposes:

(a)    authentication - we use cookies to identify you when you visit our website and as you navigate our website;

 (b)   status - we use cookies [to help us to determine if you are logged into our website;

(c)    personalisation - we use cookies to store information about your preferences and to personalise the website for you;

(d)    security - we use cookies as an element of the security measures used to protect user accounts, including preventing fraudulent use of login credentials, and to protect our website and/or ResBook generally;

(e)     analysis - we use cookies [to help us to analyse the use and performance of our website and/or ResBook; and

(f)    cookie consent - we use cookies to store your preferences in relation to the use of cookies more generally.

The full list of cookies we use is;


PHPSESSIDSessionThe main session cookie set by the website.

__cfuidPersistentSets a secure flag for the CloudFlare service

__cfduidPersistentCloudFlare service secure flag cookie

NIDPersistentGoogle advertising cookie used to personalise ads on Google search pages

_ gaPersistentGoogle Analytics tracking. Code: UA-136635-15

_ gidPersistentGoogle Analytics tracking

_gatPersistentGoogle Analytics tracking

PREFPersistentYoutube cookie

YSCSessionYoutube session cookie

VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEPersistentYoutube cookie

test_cookieSessionTest cookie set by Google’s

uidPersistentTracking cookie used by and

__sharethis_cookie_test__SessionNo information available – assumed to be test session cookie used by

frPersistentFacebook tracking cookie

__ tracking cookie.

BizoIDPersistentLinkedin tracking cookie

langSessionLinkedin social tracking cookie

lidcSessionLinkedin social tracking cookie

UserMatchHistoryPersistentLinkedin social tracking cookie

bcookiePersistentLinkedin social tracking cookie

bscookiePersistentLinkedin social tracking cookie

test_cookieSessionTest cookie set by Google’s